Participatory design and feminist interventions. Emancipatory potentials of public engagement.

Finally here is my talk, which I gave last week on Thursday at the 4S/EASST 2012 Conference. While I presented some insights into participatory design practices two months before at the Science in Public 2012 Conference in London (see my blogpost Some insights into participatory design and research in computer science), I focused more on the feminist aspects that are found in and entangled with Participatory Design (PD). The talk did not so much aim at providing rich empirical findings Рwhich I just cannot gather on the condition of writing a master thesis and not having time to wait for and follow a PD project for several years  Рbut intended much more to inspire new perspectives and entanglements. I thought this conference is a perfect place to do so: a conference where all those STS people meet but where PD is represented rather well by prominent PD researchers, where even a keynote is inspired by PD, a conference situated within a regional context (Scandinavia) where the whole PD story began.

So, now that I have roughly set the context for my presentation, here is the transcript of my talk, including the references: Presentation 4S-EASST 2012 (PDF, 66kB).

And here are the accompanying slides (in this case the slides probably do not make so much sense for themselves and should better be read alongside the transcript): Presentation 4S-EASST 2012 Рslides (PDF, 385kB).

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