Feminist & Queer Technoscience Studies – Kick-off meeting in Vienna on 18th Dec. 2012

After months of talking about it we finally managed to set up a first meeting in Vienna to enable more networking of feminist and queer technoscience researchers. So here’s the invitation, if you are in Vienna, join us. (We also made a quick invitation flyer, if you want to distribute it – below you also find the link to an A4 printout version)

While sciences & technologies are important places to negotiate our futures, they are strongly shaped by ‘male’ networks of privilege. This does not only become evident by looking on male-to-female ratios in natural sciences and engineering. Also scientific theories, knowledges and practices deeply inhibit incorporate gender (and other) biases.

Engaging with sciences & technologies from a critical perspective takes place in several academic and non-academic contexts. However, even there, feminist and queer perspectives are often underrepresented, neglected or not even thought about in the first place.

Therefore we aim to bring together people who want to take a critical, queer-feminist stance in sciences & technologies. We invite all interested people to our first meeting, which should act as a starting point for more networking, a working group, reading circles, publish/production collectives, or whatever else we come to think about.

Join us for our first meeting on:

Tuesday, 18th of December 2012, 7.00 pm


Seminarraum STS

Neues Institutsgebäude, Stiege II/6. Stock

Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien

(if you’re interested but can’t make it, leave a message at faqts (at) diebin (dot) at)

Looking forward to see you soon,

Daniela Schuh and Andrea*s Jackie Klaura [1]

Here is also a printout version of the flyer, if anyone needs that.

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