Finally, some (preliminary) closure to my ‘scientific’ life?

Dear all,

it certainly did not only feel like a long-drawn-out Strudel to finish my master thesis – no, it really was that. Long, and winding itself over and over, a lot of resting of the ingredients and the interim results (or production stages). But finally, I have made it, and hopefully it tastes well. I didn’t dare to try it so far.

I already finished my thesis end of October 2014 and had my final exam end of November 2014. It was all a bit stressful, but also challenging and rewarding. I also had a talk at the Changing Worlds Conference as a sort of personal closing event for my academic life. Although, the talk did not so much focus on my master thesis but was a general reflection on our stances towards trans*disciplinarity. It was titled “Changing the world for whom? Some thoughts about trans*disciplinarity, feminist epistemologies and Participatory Design”.

Regarding my thesis, titled Computer scientists & their publics : on constructions of ‘participation’ and ‘publics’ in participatory design and research,the university library takes some time until they’ve put it online for download. Anyway, I’ll have to bring some update here in the next weeks, and I’ll put my thesis online somewhere until it is available from the library system itself.

So, well, maybe after all I am not really completely done with academia 🙂 Maybe I myself, as every good Strudel, just have to rest a little bit, to reflect on my tastes and servings towards and for the world.

I don’t promise, but I’ll try to write more next week.

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