Framing the Publics

A viking ship at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

The last week I worked on writing down my framing of a concept of public(s) and public sphere(s). I wanted to upload this here until I flew off to Roskilde (acutally Copenhagen, and from there by train). Due to several delays that did not work out. But now I nearly have the document ready for upload. Only sufficient internet time slots I don’t have. The hostel where I am staying is really nice, and it is so beautiful right at the sea, just the internet policy is a bit crude. Around 2.50 EUR for one our of wireless access. Well, I had to use that for some other submissions, so I did not manage to put up the full document with a short intro here. But I will try to do so the next days when I am at the Roskilde University.

Beautiful sunset in Roskilde at the Viking Ship Museum, where my hostel is located

By the way, if you want to know something special from the Participatory Design Conference 2012 (PDC 2012), then contact me. I am here for the next 5 days. So, after the blog entry onĀ publics and public spheres, the next one will probably bring some reflections on what is going on in the Participatory Design field at the time.

And just to provide you with some traveling teaser, here some more photos from where I am staying while attending the PDC 2012.

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